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The Walking Dead Season 3 scheduled to release in 2016, confirms Telltale

The Walking Dead
Written by Night Wolf

                                      Mashable has reported that Telltale games have confirmed a 2016 release for The Walking Dead Season 3.

Season 2 ended with multiple endings featuring Clementine, and season 3 is expected to continue each of those threads. Kevin Bruner, the CEO of Telltale games, told Mashable that they have approached season 3 in a different way.

Kevin said that they want to stay true to their existing fan base while also welcoming new comers to the series. He said that Season 3 is being approached in such a way that anyone who hasn’t played the previous seasons can get into this season easily and smoothly.

It is definitely not an easy job to accommodate new fans into an ongoing narrative where the decisions from your previous seasons will affect the path you take in the upcoming seasons. It’ll be interesting to see how Telltale pull this off.

Kevin further added that they are aware of many players having upgraded/changed their consoles and his team are working on a way to transfer saves over different consoles. This should save a lot of people a lot of time as replaying two whole seasons on a new console might not exactly be a productive use of anyone’s time or money. You can find more details at Mashable.

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