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User Submitted Reviews- Far Cry: Primal by Rohit Joshi

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Far Cry Primal Review

Submitted by Rohit Joshi (Rj_manutd)

Far cry primal is newest installment of famous Far Cry series developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal. The plot of the game is set in stone age 10,000BC.

The story revolves around the survival of fittest concept. Far cry primal is the story about our protagonist “Takkar”, a seasoned hunter of Wenja tribe who takes the responsibility of recollecting the survivors of the Wenja tribe who have been cannibalized by the rival tribes(Ull of Udam & Batari of Izila). Takkar on his mission is been accomapnied by Sayla, a women of same tribe who helps him to reach the land of “Oros”. As the story progresses Takkar with his fellow tribe members Sayla, Karoosh, Tensay to name a few finally is able to re-establish and claim the land of Oros. But to become the leader Takkar faces a lot of challenges. He had to go through the chilling weather of Northern oros, scary wildreness of oros jungle, fight ferocius beasts like Sabretooth tigers, mammoths, grizzly bears & cave lions and the most challenging is to defeat his enemies by capturing their outposts & mighty forts. This finally turns a seasoned hunter Takkar into mighty beastmaster who is now able to overcome any horrendous situation and is never bogged down by any sorts of difficulty.

To confront his two major rivals that is Ull of Udam and Batari of Izila and to ensure the safety of his tribe, Takkar recruits his skilled tribe members who in return teaches him new skills, learn weapon upgrades, craft essentianl materials and most important taming wild & ferocious animals.

Talking about general gameplay far Cry primal uses the basic open world framework of prvious far cry games, but dont expect those powerful assault & machines guns, grenade launchers, rpg’s etc all you left with is a spear, bow & arrow, slingshots and other secondary weapons like hunting traps, fire bombs, throwing shards and sting bombs(Bees) but still you will never feel the game difficult. The games has fine balance between tension & fun that elevates the whole experience.

The Skill Tree in FarCry Primal

The Skill Tree in FarCry Primal

The game has lot to offer from capturing enemies outpost to huntdown ferocious beast animals, other activities includes help & escorting your Wenja villagers, save & rescue the fellow captives, collecting ancient Wenja materials like Daysha hands, bracelets(remains of dead wenja), cave paintings etc. This was Primal at its best. The more you collect the essential materials like hardwood, rare animals skins, precious stones the better your weapons will be. Once you learn the essential beastmaster skills you will feel like the king of Oros. Adding to this the best part of Primal which i personally like is the Owl companion who can scout the enemy area and the other ability that is taming animals from less ferocious Dholes to beast like Sabretooth, bears, jaguars and cave lions, the fun part is that you can also ride them. Yes, can also tame those irritating Honey Badgers!!!!

Far cry primal settings is the strength of the game and it is all worth to explore the wilderness of Oros. After all it is a story of a Prey turning into Predator.

Overall score: 8/10


– Stunning enviroment
– Witnessing journey of a prey to predator is unforgettable
– Taming & hunting down beast animals is super fun especially riding them


– Repetitive side missions/quests
– Less use of other supporting cast/wenja members
– Collectibles are tedious

I hope you all like the review. Feel free to leave comments in the comments section.

PSN: Rj_manutd
Twitter: @rohitjoshi018



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