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User Submitted Reviews: 10 days with ‘The Division’ by Namish Monga

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Tom Clancy’s The Division: Review

Submitted by Namish Monga


Alright , So I’ve been playing this game for more than 50 hours now, I’m at level 30,
Dark zone Level 30.
So here’s my review of “Tom Clancy’s The Division”


•Gameplay Mechanics are great for a third person shooter.
•It has a nice story line (Note that this game doesn’t just give you the whole story in a platter you have to look for it in collectibles and stuff like in Dark Souls)
•The Graphics are mind-blowing
•It’s a Really Fun Game to play with Friends
•The Dark Zone is a lot fun (best PvP ever)
•Every Skill is important in this game, i often found myself switching between them.
•It has great RPG Elements

•The Dark Zone,though fun,can prevent many people from going rogue once they hit the level cap.. As they drop a lot of stuff if they die as a rogue, and even the rewards for going rogue is very low(Ubisoft did say that they are looking into this problem, and it will be patched soon) So many people don’t even go Rogue and it just becomes a PvE area.
•The Side Missions can get repetitive at times
•Unsatisfying Ending
•Character Customization is very limited

This game is a solid 9/10 in my opinion.
I definitely recommend this game to people who like RPGs or MMOs. If you don’t, then you might not like it, I’ve seen many people complain about Bullet Sponge in this game.
It’s a RPG, it is supposed to be this way. I don’t know why some were expecting anything else. It was clearly mentioned in the first trailer of the game, that this game was going to be a RPG.
I also saw some people complain about the graphics downgrade, yeah there has been a bit of a downgrade(they have just changed the atmosphere). But the game still looks absolutely gorgeous, If you compare the graphics, you will note that the graphics doesn’t look that different. All the things that they promised are still there.
-Dynamic Global Illumination- Yup it’s still in the game.
-Dynamic Material Shaders- Yup it’s still in the game
-Advanced Particle System- Yup
-Procedural Destruction- Yup
-Time of Day- Yup, Yup!

Note- This is an MMO, So it will require a stable internet connection.
-The Game might feel like it’s a bit complicated at first, but trust me it isn’t. It’s really easy to get a hang of it.
-DO NOT go into the Dark Zone until you’re level 10.

Look me up for some fun in The Dark Zone
PSN: Namish8888



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