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Hoops in Rocket League, The Division breaks records and possible Fallout movie; This week’s top 5 news

Written by Night Wolf

The Division breaks Ubisoft’s record

Ubisoft announced that The Division, which was released earlier this month, had sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any of the company’s other titles based on internal estimates. The Division has also set a new record for Ubisoft’s digital sales. You can read more about it on PlayStation Life Style by clicking here.


Rocket League gets a basket ball mode

The official twitter account of Rocket League recently posted a picture (shown below) accompanied by a ‘#RocketLeagueHoops’ hashtag. Safe to say, players all around will be going for those 3 pointers very soon. No other details about this mode were released but we expect to hear more from Psyonix soon. Source: PC Gamer.

Rocket League Hoops

Fallout movie is a possibility says Todd Howard

Todd Howard, of Bethesda, revealed in a recent interview that the studio was approached by many people to make a Fallout movie but ‘nothing really clicked.’ Although there is no movie under works now, Todd has ensured that a Fallout could still happen if they get the right pitch. Read more on IGN by clicking here.


Sony releases first video of ‘Making of Uncharted 4’ series ahead of the game’s release

Uncharted 4, one of the most anticipated games of 2016, always finds a way into the news and that’s not such a bad thing. After announcing last week that the game had been delayed once again (it is scheduled to come out on May 10th at the time of writing this), Sony has released the first video in the ‘Making of Uncharted 4’ video series. This will surely get the fans buzzing and ready for the game’s release. Source: Polygon.


Microsoft cancels Fable Legends, closes Lionhead studios, Sony offers a helping hand through a recruitment drive

The biggest news of this week is also unfortunately the saddest one. Microsoft announced the cancellation of Fable Legends and closed down Lionhead studios, the people behind the Fable games. It is always disheartening to hear about studios being closed down. However, Sony is trying to do what it can to help those affected by conducting an exclusive recruitment drive for the former employees of Lionhead studios. Read more about it on PlayStation Life Style by clicking here.


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