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UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection Demo Impression. Should you buy the full Game?

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UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection Demo is up on Playstation store now and its about 7.5GB.

The game is remastered by Bluepoint gamesThey are known for their outstanding work on God of war Remaster , Shadow of colossus ICO collection , Metal Gear Solid HD collection etc. So Uncharted was in good hands.

Yesterday I downloaded the demo to get a taste of Uncharted at 60fps and FullHD. After installing I started and the game showed Uncharted 2 menu & it looked the same as the ps3 version. To test the difference i fired up my ps3 & poped Uncharted 2 disk, and noticed very little difference in the menu.

Then i started Uncharted demo on PS4 and it was a new gen game! The lighting, the high resolution textures looked amazing.The game demo starts at Nepal,where Drake & chloe Looking for the Chintamani Temple. Everything looked beautiful. Bluepoint took Naughtydog’s Visual Masterpiece and made it even more exquisite. Everything looked better (and Chloe! ahh she looked more sexy). Started the same level on ps3 to compare and the difference we clearly visible.

After punching few bad guys and melting to Uncharted’s music the game pushed me to an action packed situation and at that point i noticed even more improvements like explosion particles and colours.

With Drake’s humor and Chloe’s charming looks i went to past, played and finished the demo in about 10 mins.

Now the question should you buy it? With lots of broken Games launches gamers are afraid to pre order games. But this is different, Bluepoint took NaughtyDog’s Complete game and made it Better. After playing the demo i rushed and pre ordered the game even though I own all ps3 Uncharted titles. You already know how good Uncharted series is.You are getting 3 games with the price of one.

With all the big games coming this winter UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection is a must buy for action adventure fans ( Uncharted 4 BETA will be available if you get the game) .

Until you get starwars and Fallout 4 or rage over Black ops 3, Uncharted Drake collection will keep you busy and entertained.

UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection is releasing on 9th October. Let your inner treasure hunter go wild with it.



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