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The Witcher 3: 10/10 Reasons to Buy the Game!!

Written by Krussail

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt had been exceptionally well received, and given CD Projekt’s consistence with the Witcher series, it was to be expected. And, when we say ‘well received’, we mean 10/10 across the board!!

So if you are still hesitant to take part in Witcher 3’s Wild Hunt (pun intended), here’s a few reasons why you absolutely have to play this game-

1. Thematic and emotional story, which stays engrossing through and through.

2. Fast, fluid combat, which feels precise and brutally satisfying. We’re talking flying heads and dismembered limbs in blood-splattered glory!!

3. Richly detailed open world, filled with monsters and NPCs. And random encounters that make exploration highly compelling.

4. Unique monster designs that encourage you to learn their behaviours and weaknesses. And they look freakishly beautiful!!

5. Many of quests need you to investigate the surrounding locales, adding an intelligent feel to the game, while building up intrigue around the quest.

6. Tons of choices to make that change the way the story progresses and also impacts the world around you. The game even allows you to recap choices from previous games in the series in clever ways.

7. Lots of varied side missions that add a lot of personality to the world and its inhabitants. From finding lost goats to taking down enormous beasts, you have it all.

8. An excellent magic system that’s easy to use and is executed beautifully. And now, all the spells have dual modes of usage, which provides more ways to burn, electrify, mutilate and annihilate your enemies.

9. An engaging RPG mechanism that is easy to understand and constantly rewards you with loot.

10. The game has received 10/10 reviews across the board, and is said to be an essential experience for gamers!!

The point being, Witcher 3 is possibly the best RPG ever!!
And, while the devs have ensured easy accessibility for those new to the series, you can also check out our primer for the Witcher 3 here!



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