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Bloodborne : Curse Of The Souls

Written by Krussail

So Bloodborne was unleashed last month. Amazing. Brilliant. Punishing. Beautiful. Fast. Stylish. Thematic. Gratifying. Brutal. Crushing. Rewarding. And Satisfying. Always so Satisfying… Oh, the reviews were largely positive, to say the least. Much awaited and anticipated, and it did not let down.

And I agree with every aspect of the praise it received. The game was destined to be epic, and will be talked about for years, even after many a ‘Call Of Dutys’ and ‘Battlefields’ come and go. It’s hard to talk about this game without sounding melodramatic or hyperbolic, and as a fan of From Software’s earlier works, I fully understand that feeling.

However, what bugs me the most is how some (or many, even) so-called ‘fans/veterans’ of the Souls series are ruining the experience for new-comers. I’ve been going through forums and various communities, and whenever some one new to From Software’s games asks if this game is worth buying, there’s this bunch of pretentious dicks who go all ‘oh boy, you can’t handle this, it’s too tough for your casual ass, it’s for us “hardcore gamers”. Don’t even bother with this, it’s not for you’.

I mean, why? Why would you stop someone from buying a game that will probably end up to be one of his/her finest experiences in gaming. Why do you have to go comparing it to the Souls series, and not talk about the game itself. Sure, the similarities are there, but Bloodborne is still a whole new game, and for new-comers, there has never been a better game to get them accustomed to From Software’s style.

Hell, instead of scaring away gamers wanting to try Bloodborne, saying its like Dark Souls and what-not, fans should be trying to get more gamers into Bloodborne and so they eventually also be drawn in to the Souls series.

And, to hell with difficulty, it’s really not that hard, honestly it is not. Neither are the previous games, in my humble opinion. Sure, there’s a steep learning curve, but it’s so absorbing, that it’s always worth it. Unless a nagging fanboy keeps telling you that you can’t do it.

So, my advice, don’t be bothered with those who tell you that you can’t beat the game, or you need to know more about the Souls games to get into Bloodborne. Better yet, ask them if they played FS’s prior games like King’s field or Armored core, they have tons of stuff that are then referenced in the Souls games, and pertain to a similar level of difficulty.

Check out a few gameplay videos, see how you like the combat system, the world and enemy design, and then decide if you want to get it. Trust me, you’ve played harder games than these. At the end of the day, it’s a video game, there’s no way the human brain can’t beat that, enjoy the challenge, and stick it with the pointy end!!



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  • oh trust mei know the feeling i got bloodborne month after rlease almost for my birthday april 15th its tougher then dark souls lol.

    i played dark souls when it first came out traded it within 5 days i rebought it april 1st i made it past blighttown im like wow online mechanics few thigns make no sense still buit will in due time

  • most seem to disagree! people say this game has been made better than dark souls and so, has a reasonable element of difficulty but certainly not to an extent that can be called off-putting

  • Here’s a theory,

    Maybe, (just maybe) a bunch of the so called ‘hardcore’ gamers wants to keep the so called ‘casuals’ out of their niche space because of the fear that they won’t feel special anymore.

    Considering anyone with enough patience and perseverance can make the Souls games (and Bloodborne) their b****. Hardcore gamers tell the newcomers it’s an impossible task so that their specialist status holds up.

    They (the hardcore gamers) would go out of their minds when being invaded by a newcomer to the series and getting their a**es handed to them.
    That is my theory of the problem described in the article.

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