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Catching Up With India’s #1 Battlefield 4 Soldier !

Written by wishiwerealive

With the release of Battlefield Hardline amidst great anticipation, we caught up with India’s #1 Battlefield 4 Soldier as this dedicated gamer empties his last few clips before heading into Hardline.

Parikchit101 has been a familiar Gamertag on India’s leaderboards since the game launched in October 2013. This soldier was kind enough to put down his controller and patiently answer our questions.

Read on to know his in-game strategies, favorite weapons and just how he manages to stay on top.

BadCon: Thank you Parikchit for giving us the time.

Parikchit101: I can always make myself ready for a good interview. Infact this would be my first.

BadCon: So let us get right into it then. We know that you top most of the leaderboards on Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3, but what is it that you do when you are not capturing flags and knifing unsuspecting victims.

Parikchit101: Looking at the number of hours I’ve clocked on the Battlefield series, many of my friends assume that I game all day. However, I have a full time job as a software engineer in a leading IT firm in Bangalore. I love my job as much as I love my games. If I’m not at work, you’d probably find me with my consoles. Over the weekends I enjoy hanging out with my non-gamer friends.

BadCon: What happens to your position on the leaderboards if you stop playing for a week?

Parickhit101: Honestly, I never even look at the leaderboards. I came to know of it only after I got a call for this interview. I have taken time off playing when work keeps me busy or if I’m travelling with my family. So I don’t really think short breaks can have a big impact on the leaderboards in a game like BF4.

BadCon: Do you get your games on launch day? What about BF4?

Parikchit101: I never pre-order games unless I’m a absolutely sure about enjoying the game irrespective of reviews. Battlefield 4 was one such game. I got it on launch day for the PS3, but I got the PS4 only in February, a month or so after the official release date in India. The first game I got for the PS4 was of course BF4.

BadCon:  Any particular reason that you settled with the Playstation rather than the XboxOne?

Parikchit101: Not really. I’m on PSN only because most of my friends are on PSN.

BadCon: Which platoon are you currently with? Have you been with the same platoon since the beginning ?


Parikchit101: Earlier , I was with The Shadow Company [TSC], however due to the difference in time zones, I had to leave them.

Right now I am with [AL] Alliance and with [T1ER] T1ER unit(Former Team India in BF3).

BadCon: Which class do you usually play?

Parikchit101: I normally play assault/medic, but it really depends a lot on the map.

On infantry based maps, I prefer assault,sniper and support, in that order and on vehicle friendly maps I play Engineer or support.

My favourite maps are Golmud Railway, Parcel Storm, Op Metro, Op Locker and Zavod.

BadCon: Is there any map you miss from BF3?

Parikchit101: Oh yes, Grand Bazaar. Me and my clan had the most fun on Grand Bazaar.

BadCon: And what would your favorite weapons and vehicles be?

Parikchit101: My favorite weapons include the AEK 971, ACE 23, MG4 and the  M16A4. I’m currently experimenting with the AR 160. My favorite vehicle is the Type 99/T90, Attack jet and Attack Heli.

BadCon: How did you hone your skills.Does the learning curve really extend until the day you are done with the game?

Parikchit101: Yes, you always learn something new and you can always keep developing your skills. The trick is not to be a Jack of all trades. Learn the behavior of each weapon and then master a few. Always play with your teammates.The more you practice, the better you become. Later on it’s just muscle memory. I’ve played with some international professionals who have really good reflexes, coupled with great tactics. Every now and then I watch their channels to see what I can learn off of them.

Most importantly, always communicate.

BadCon: Is there any multiplayer moment you had that you are especially proud of?

Parikchit101: There is no one moment. It is generic. When I learned to maneuver tanks and when I was able to destroy a full house transport chopper using the Sabot, over and over gain, it felt awesome. I remember this one round where my accuracy was 200%

BadCon:  Do you play other multiplayer games?

Parikchit101: Yes I do, but not as much as I play BF4.  I have played a bit of GTA5 and Dying Light. Other games I’ve enjoyed recently are Skyrim and Hitman Absolution.

 BadCon: What is it about Battlefield that always has you coming back to it? What, in your opinion, makes Battlefield better than the rest?

Parikchit101: Battlefield is a very unique game with a touch of realism. I love the gun play mechanics in the game. Vehicular warfare is excellent as well. I have tried other shooters like COD, but find them a bit too arcady. **Time To Kill is decent in Battlefield compared to other shooters like Destiny.

BadCon: What is your view on the Battlefield vs Call Of Duty flame war?

Parikchit101: To each his own. Since you’ve asked me this , have you seen the Battlefield vs Call of Duty rap  battle? It is hilarious.

BadCon: Yes I have. It is indeed very funny.

(You can thank us later)

How about tournaments? Do you participate regularly? Are there enough tournaments in India?

Parikchit101: Sadly, there are not many in India. I have participated in the WNT(World nations Tournament) for BF3, but besides that, just numerous scrims for T1ER and TSC.

BadCon: Are you looking forward to BF Hardline? Have you pre-ordered it?

Parikchit101: Looking forward to it, yes. But I haven’t pre-ordered it yet.

BadCon: Did you play the demo? What are your thoughts on it?

Parikchit101:  No. However, based on the feedback / gameplay videos , I came to know that the Time to Kill is very less and soldier movements are more fluid. This should make the gameplay more intense. I’m definitely looking forward to getting it sometime soon.

BadCon: Alright Parikchit, it’s been great talking to you, we are sure that our readers will enjoy your take on this long running series, specially as the next in the franchise has just hit the stores and the reviews look positive. We hope to catch up with you in the Battlefield. Don’t forget to duck!!

Do check out Parikchit’s YouTube channel for more exciting videos. Let us know your favorite things about the Battlefield series, and how you hope to see the franchise grow. For more news and updates on Battlefield Hardline be sure to check back at BadController!



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