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Must-Watch TV Shows!!

Written by Krussail

With the constant barrage of shows available all the year round, it’s easy to miss some of the exceptional ones. There are many good shows available to watch, but many start out good, however wane and dwindle down the line.
So, here’s a list of some shows that are a must-watch, and set new standards for how engrossing, intelligent and thought-provoking TV Series can be.

Well, here goes..

1. True Detective:

One of the finest works in fiction, True Detective will be talked about for years, standing tall among the likes of Twin Peaks and The Shawshank Redemption. With top notch writing and music that fits right in with the the tense tone that the show sets, complimented by a precise and intense act delivered by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, who play the role of two Louisiana police officers.

The plot revolves around a horrific murder, with the victim placed in the middle of an open field on display, antlers around her head. It’s a striking vision, a ritual. The story then revolves around the investigation and the effect it has on the lives of the two police officers. The music deserves special mention, it sets the a dark and tense tone, and every episode ends with a great soundtrack, which is definitely a worthy addition to your music collection.

Nic Pizzolatto’s script remains dark and broody through-out the eight episodes, and a gratifying finale sits right with the ideology the show maintains.

Also deserving special mention is Matthew McConaughey’s brilliant performance, and dialogue delivery, teetering between the logical and the psychological.

If you ever watch just one show in your life, it’s True Detective. It’s tight, precise and ever so satisfying.

2. Twin Peaks:

From the director of Mulholland Dr., David Lynch, this psychological crime fiction, moves with a deliberate slow pace, and it’s hard to get into, but once you’re in, the seemingly idyllic town of Twin Peaks and its eccentric folks, will have you in their grips. Special Agent, Dale Copper (Kyle MacLachlan), investigating the murder of a young woman, found wrapped in plastic, is in for a fantastical journey in search for the murderer.

The more you get know the characters and their idiosyncrasies, the more the plot thickens. Acutely bizarre and funny at the same time, and oddly disturbing even, Twin Peaks is a phenomenal work, comparable to The Twilight Zone and The X-Files.

David Lynch, stays true to his style and vision, and keeps you guessing, as the show rarely gives a sense of direction. But, what keeps you watching is a sense of wonder at the sheer lunacy, the bizarre characters, the atmospheric locales, the serene music, and an engrossing tale.

Twin peaks works almost like a puzzle with clues dropped in as we progress, not just about the killer but all the side stories running in parallel to the central plot. It’s absorbing, challenging and ultimately entertaining. Watch it!!

3. Black Mirror:

Charlie Brooker’s ground breaking new show revolves around the technology that we’re so dependent on today and how a tiny misstep can lead to everything spiraling out of control. It’s a dark vision and it’s truly horrific.

It revolves around topics and themes so relevant, like blocking people on social network sites, buying things to spruce up avatars that hold no value in real life, the ability and the curse to revisit every moment in life, being hooked to a black mirror, be it a smartphone, monitor or a TV screen while the whole world passes you by.. The technology shown is always believable, only steps ahead of what we have today. And, that makes it all the more graspable and thought provoking.

There are numerous moments that are easy to relate to and it makes you pause and think about the worst in human nature. The episodes are individual stories with almost no connection between them and can be watched in any order, though following the aired sequence is advisable.

More often than not, you’ll come across events that’ll have you thinking, “Damn, that’s possible”, “Hope that doesn’t happen to me” and even, “Shit, I’ve done that”. Very few shows achieve this connect with the audience, and it’s quite uncanny when Black Mirror so often shows you your own reflection.

Well, that’s it for this article, and it is by no means definitive or exhaustive. Hopefully you’ll like the shows mentioned here. Do you have any shows you’ve seen that you’d like to recommend? Do let us know in the comments below. And, stay posted for more!!



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