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Upcoming Games: Q1 2015

Upcoming Games of 2015
Written by Krussail

Now that 2014 is over, games devs can move on from making remasters, and testing new game engines on next gen consoles, to delivering new and polished experiences to gamers. Remasters were fun for a while, seeing how the last gen games could be pushed to new levels on next gen consoles, but enough already, give us some new grounds to play in!!

Thankfully, 2015 is packed with great games lined up for release (unforeseen delays excluding), and here are some of the main releases to be excited about in the first quarter.


1. Dying Light (27 Jan 2015)– From developer Techland, creators of Dead Island franchise, comes this zombie infested-free running-survival horror themed game, and while the trailers show great premise and promise, lets keep our fingers crossed for one of the first major releases of the year



2. Life is Strange (30 Jan 2015)– A lesser know title from developer DONTNOD (Remember Me) and publisher Square Enix, this games gives strong vibes of the cult show Twin Peaks and the amazing games Gone Home and Heavy Rain. If this game delivers, it stands to be the cult hit that can stand proud with the likes of Gone Home.



3. Evolve (10 Feb 2015)– Four Hunters face off against a single player controlled Monster, in this new multiplayer game by Turtle Rock (Left4Dead, they know how it’s done). This game is all set to be one of this year’s best online experiences, with an intriguing map design, and a beautiful and hostile layout on the planet Shear.



4. Ori and The Blind Forest (11 March 2015)– Join Ori, the last spirit guardian, as he discovers the mysteries of a dying forest while escaping the evil clutches of Kuro, the dark owl. Play through a beautifully created environment while combating Kuro and completing in-game puzzles to help Ori save the blind forest.



5. Battlefield Hardline (17 March 2015)– With a different developer, Visceral Games, comes an entirely new take on the Battlefield franchise. War torn battlefields running amok with tanks and helis have been replaced by inner city streets and fast get-away cars. Prepare your trigger fingers!!



6. Bloodborne (24 March 2015)– Still waiting for that exclusive that makes you truly proud to own a PlayStation 4? Well, FromSoftware is here to help! The devs behind the awesome (an understatement of massive proportions) Souls series present to you Bloodborne, and this time the focus is on the offensive. So, Prepare to Die, and Go Beyond Death, and always come back for more. This game will be Epic!!

Did we miss any games? What are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments below. For more releases this year, keep an eye on BadController!!




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