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Battlefield Hardline Executive Producer Reveals New Information

Battlefield Hardline
Written by ahawk


The executive producer of Battlefield Hardline, Steve Papoutsis, answered questions to fans in Twitter. Here are the answers that he posted in response to questions from fans.


Improved Driving

Is the driving improved from last beta?

It’s much better. Cars are faster, collision is better, e-brake is now in.



How is Spotting handled in Hardline? I don’t like this feature at all. Feels so cheap.

It’s better because we have funnier voice over lines that come up when you spot enemies. You might see some funny gestures…


Asymmetrical Weapons

will BFH have class exclusive sidearms on release? If so, could you use them across classes with weapon licenses?

Hardline will have asymmetrical weapons for Cops & Crims.


No RUSH Mode

What was the reason for not including Rush and could it be patched in at a later date?

We felt it would be good to add 5 new game modes that fit more to the Cops & Crims fiction.


Spray Tags

Can you give more of an insight into “small character customisation”? Sounds sweet so far!

We’ve got sweet, sweet spray tags you can customize and spray around the streets.


Everything had been Improved

For people that did not enjoy the Beta last year, what would you say has changed for the better?


Option to Remap Buttons on Consoles

I want to use L1/R1 for shooting as a solider & it not change the vehicle controls like does in bf4.

We have you covered. You can remap the buttons on console.


64Player CQ is back

Will the online matches be 64 players?

On PS4, X1, and PC. The beloved Conquest is back.


No. of Vehicles

how many cars?

There are 27 new vehicles in #BFHardline.


No. of Weapons

how many weapons is there?

More than you can carry. But, seriously, 51 weapons and 28 gadgets.


Night Maps are back

Will there be an option to play a map in night time as there gonna be in BF4?

We have a couple of night maps, one which we have shown, Growhouse. Tune in every Weds for new info.


No Open World

will battlefield hardline be open the world or something along those lines?

No, it is not open world, but we do offer more player choice, like going non-lethal.


He also mentioned that more information about the game and the upcoming beta will be revealed on Wednesday 12 Jan 2015.

Battlefield Hardline is scheduled to be released on 19 Mar 2015.



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