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Creative Director of The Last of Us approves fan written alternate ending

Written by Rainmaker



*Spoiler Alert* Even in good fun, the following might give away parts of The Last of Us for those who have not completed it.


Considered among one of the greatest videogames of all times, The Last of Us has left no laurel unclaimed in the gaming industry. Being such a stunning, powerful and moving game one would not think that there is much anyone would try to change about the entire experience, but someone rewrote the ending, and the game’s creative director noticed and applauded the revamp.

Members of NeoGAF recently tried to improve the ending to Naughty Dog’s action adventure survival game. The thread quickly went from normal to absurd. Amidst the chaos, Erevador offered this take, and Neil Druckmann noticed.


The alternate ending scene as follows;

“Ellie and Joel are driving away from the hospital. He has saved her, and murdered the fireflies.

“In the rearview mirror, Joel sees a car approaching. He lightly hits the gas pedal, trying to put a little distance between him and the car that follows. The car keeps gaining on him, it pulls up beside him.

“Joel looks out the window and sees the last person he wants to see right now.

“It is Vin Diesel. A relic from Joel’s dark drift racing past.

“Vin gives Joel a look that only says one thing. This challenge is on baby.”


Here’s how Neil Druckman responded:


Do you have an action packed ending of your own? Think you can do better than Erevador? Comment with your own unique ending and @BadController will tweet the best one to @Neil_Druckman and feature it in our article!




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