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Tentative Steps Into Dark Souls

Written by Krussail

I must be getting on my way. This bonfire has run its course,

But before I leave, I’ll offer kindling, to help the next pilgrim find recourse.

With these poor souls, I empathize, for we suffer the same affliction.

I leave them this note, set by the fire: “Praise the Sun, and with conviction!”

On the roof of an old church is where I sensed I may be needed.

So I journeyed there triumphantly; my inner demons seemed defeated.

Like a lamp, I pray to enlighten Darkened Souls, past and present.

Oh, Father, my Sun, how I aspire to be half as grossly incandescent.

Kindling by honeypowered

A few tentative steps into Lordran. Two bells had to be rung. Decided to head up first. A few enemies ahead, seemed easy. I swing my blade. Miss. He swings (quiet maliciously). Screen greys out -YOU DIED-

Lesson learned. Start again. Ok, different tactic this time. Swing. Miss. Swung at. Blocked!! Swing again. Steel cuts flesh. Oh snap, second guy jumps me from behind. Screen greys out-YOU DIED-

Lesson learned. Start again. Swing. Hit. Dodge. Block. Swing. Hit. Hell yeah. Stay down b****.  Walk ahead like a boss. Oh snap. Firebomb drops. Screen greys out -YOU DIED-

Lesson learned. Start again. Swing. Hit. Dodge. Block. Swing. Hit. Careful now, don’t get cocky. Run up. Kill the guy with Firebombs. Dodge another attack. Swing. Miss. Roll. Oh snap, fall down cliff edge. Screen greys out -YOU DIED-

Lesson learned. Start again. After countless deaths, reach a fog gate. Ok, this looks interesting, lets step  through. Hey, what’s that? Something is coming out of a hole in the ground. Looks kind of cute. Oh no, there’s more, that was just the nose. Holy crap, what’s that?? Teeth. Razor sharp. All across it’s chest and belly. Boss fight- Gaping Dragon. Yes -YOU DIED- Old news now.

The beauty of Dark Souls is that it never lets you leave, there’s always a better challenge ahead. Bigger boss ahead. Dark, beautiful, mysterious places ahead. Death ahead.

The game has a steep learning curve. Many times you go to forums, ask friends for help. Is that a game breaker? No. You play the average shooter, and probably discuss it for five minutes. You play the Souls’ games and you recount your experiences many times with friends, hear how they did it, ask for help, offer help. Learn something you don’t know, and believe me, there’s always something you don’t know. The game never holds your hand, but you are given help in the form of messages that appear on the ground from other players. You use every tactic available, try different methods to outsmart the enemies. Summon other players or NPCs to aid you in your journey.

This is the kind of game that will truly define your gaming experience, and once you play this you won’t be able to stop comparing every other game to it. This game delivers something so unique, so addictive, once you get in you can’t stop coming back to it.

And, Prepare To Die, in many ways. Burnt, drowned, squished, impaled, fall, poisoned, cursed, mangled, trampled, falling floors, eaten by a treasure chest!! But you always keep coming back, to exact revenge, to see what lies beyond, to kill that next boss. There’s a sense of achievement so satisfying, and no other game comes close!!




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