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Assassin’s Creed Rogue: Why it deserves to be played!!

Written by Krussail

Alright, so let me get the basic and obvious facts out first-
1.It has the sea-faring gameplay, exactly as in Black Flag.
2.The land gameplay is exactly as that in AC III, but looks like as in Black Flag.

But, that is not all that Rogue is, it’s one of the best Assassin’s Creed stories since Revelations, and has some really good content any AC fan would not want to miss. The events occur directly after those in Black Flag, and there are many returning characters here, and it’s a joy to see their stories unfold, be it knowing what happens to some of the characters after Black Flag, or how some of them got to their positions in AC III.

Some major plot holes are covered in this game, and it’s filled with lots of trivia, which makes the story immensely rich and exciting. Though the main story is short, but it never loses track or gets convoluted.

But, since both the land and the sea gameplay have been recycled from previous iterations, there’s no real compelling reason to explore much or invest in side activities. Though the gameplay elements are a culmination of the best from the past games, and have been fine tuned to near perfection. So, if you didn’t spend enough time with the previous games, there’s good depth here to lose yourself in, and in some ways, it’s presented better here than ever before.

There are some interesting new gameplay additions here though, like the Stalker enemy type, which cannot be tagged and can sneak up to do heavy damage. This makes enemy base infiltration more tense, and hence more enjoyable.

And, the best part is the protagonist, Shay, who is an Assassin gone rogue, and is now a Templar. Thus, we get to see the story from their perspective, and this is where the story really shines, revealing dark sides to the Assassin brotherhood. Ubisoft has really played well here, giving them further freedom to spin a richer tale in coming games.

So, yes, Assassin’s Creed Rogue is worth your time, even if not for all that the game has to offer but at least the main story. And, it also has a sweet little mission at the very end, that will get you ready for Unity!



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