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Games Too Good To Be Exclusive!

Written by Krussail

Have you ever got a console just because of a particular game available only for it? Or felt a pang of jealousy seeing a great game not coming to your console? Yes, Exclusive games. Something that excites you when it’s coming for your console, and drives you crazy having to watch gameplay videos, when its not. One of the deciding factors for gamers when they buy a console, Exclusive games are system sellers, and instill a sense of pride when you see a new trailer and see that’s its for your console only. But what happens when you are on the other side, seeing some great games going to a system you don’t own. Does not feel good now, does it.

So here’s a list of some games that are just too good to be exclusives, games that every gamer should get to play. Games that go beyond something you played, and becomes something you experienced.

1. Gone Home (PC/2013)

Set in the year 1995, you play as Kaitlin Greenbrair, just back home from a vacation, only to find it empty. You slowly set about discovering what exactly happened and so begins one of the best told stories in a video game ever. With remarkably accurate details of the 90’s, the home you explore draws you in, and the narrative stirs your heart. The pop culture references you come across, like a TV guide with the X-Files circled in red, or an audio log discussing Pulp Fiction, or a VHS tape of Blade Runner, or so many copies of Street Fighter game lying around, books on understanding James Joyce (good luck with that), Groove magazines with Kurt Cobain’s face over it and just so many countless things will pique your interest about the Greenbriar Family and the home they live in.

A fine example of how deep and captivating a video game can be, Gone Home is highly recommended to anyone looking to lose themselves in a great story, taking a trip down memory lane to the 90’s. And there’s no place better than a Home and everything inside to tell a story about the people who live there. If you do not shed a tear at the end for how good the story was or just because the game comes to an end, well, you’re working out too much and the muscles in your heart have turned to stone.


2. Path of Exile (PC/2013)

Many dismissed Path of Exile as “yet another Diablo clone”, and probably not a good one as it was free to play on the PC. They could not have been more wrong. Path of Exile is one of the finest Role Playing Games, and though it takes inspirations from Diablo, it delivers the sense of foreboding and immense satisfaction and achievement as Dark Souls. Spread across three exciting Acts, the story is told by the places you visit, the items you collect and the people you meet. The meticulously designed world of Wraeclast is reminiscent of both Lordran and Sanctuary, making it easy to get into, and very hard to leave.

And though the Diablo-esque familiarity draws you in, it soon introduces you to its various and smart enemy types, gorgeous and lethal locales, and most importantly, the deep and complex customization interface, which gives you too many paths to be explored in just one play through. The game also features PvP features, though this is somewhat limited. And, did I mention that all this is for free, yes, that’s right, this feature rich and immersive Role Playing Game is a must play!!


3. Journey (PS3/2012)

Possibly the best experience on the Playstation after Shadow of the Colossus, Journey is more than just a game by thatgamecompany (yes, that’s actually the name of the company). You start off as a red-robed figure travelling across a vast desert with mysterious ruins scattered across the landscape, with the distant view of a split mountain peak as the instinctive objective.

But, from the onset, you know that there is so much more to this seemingly forgotten land as you slowly step forward, absorbing the stunning view and feel the poignant musical score wash over you. And, when you encounter random players making the same Journey as yours, you cannot help sharing a moment of silent contemplation, beholding the wonders you see together. And when you inexplicably part ways, the loneliness of the desert tugs at your heart. This is a game that delivers a sense of joy and sadness without a word of narrative. The kind of game that you could stare at in wonder. And the kind of game you keep going back to.


4. Halo Reach (Xbox 360/2010)

“Before the discovery and destruction of an ancient alien ringworld, before a teeming parasitic enemy threatened Earth, before a soldier called John-117 made a new name for himself, humanity fought to defend the planet Reach. And though Halo: Reach is a prequel to all the Halo games that have come before, it represents the evolutionary pinnacle of the series.”

One of the most exciting tales told in a video game, and even sad as from the beginning you know the end, this is an epic First Person Shooter, that tells the story of Noble squad’s efforts to defend their home planet Reach. Filled with the trademark Halo action and refined shooting, even pacing and excellent soundtrack, this truly is the pinnacle of the Halo series. Intelligent enemy AI keeps you switching tactics frequently, while tight weapon and vehicle handling never make you feel overwhelmed. The level design is varied and always bestows an epic sense of scale throughout. The campaign can be played solo or in co-op, and the feature rich multiplayer is as addictive as ever since Halo 2!!

5. Patapon (PSP/2008)

A brilliant mix of puzzle based strategy, and rhythm based combat and movements make Patapon a unique and extremely fun game, and one of the best exclusives on the Playstation Portable. Without much context you embark upon a musical journey to Earthend in search of a sacred artifact called IT. Your minions are urged forward by the sound of war drums which you, The Almighty, are in control of, and are the means of issuing various commands. And the commands also flash across the boundary of the screen, thus intuitively keeping you on track.

With varied level designs and bosses, beautiful art style and tons of loot collection, Patapon will keep you engaged for hours, laughing with the rhythm and racking your brains at the puzzles ahead. And when your army starts to sing along with the drum beats, you know there’s no power in the ‘verse that can stop you. A must play for any PSP owner. Remember to use earphones, because you would not want to miss a beat!


Author’s Note: Unfortunately, at present the Author only has a PS3, X360, PSP, and PC, and thus is unable to provide any insight on games exclusive to other platforms. If you want to read more about games on other consoles, the Author would graciously accept gifts in the form of consoles or contributions of money as to buy consoles. Also to be noted that though there are many more great exclusives available in the market, the above listed games were those that stood out in the Author’s humble opinion. 



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