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#PS4NOPARITY: Ubisoft Sparks New Controversy Among PS4 Users

Written by Krussail

Ubisoft’s latest announcement revealed that Assassin’s Creed Unity will be locked at 900p and 30 FPS on both the XBox One and PS4, stating that they want “to avoid debates”. Ironically, it has started a furious debate and a hashtag movement, #PS4NOPARITY, has been started by gamers, petitioning to Ubisoft to revert this decision or to patch it.

Here are some of the comments from Playstation users-

  • Really, @Ubisoft? I bought a PS4 for a reason: it can handle better graphics than the Xbox One. Why would you do this?
  • @Ubisoft u have been caught with your hand in the cookie jar twice now, 1st watchDogs now unity.
  • Time to take a stance gamers. Don’t buy AC:Unity. If Ubisoft gets away with this, we all suffer.
  • It’s like buying a Ferrari and having it locked to go no faster than 65mph.
  • @Ubisoft Why would I give you my money if you’re going to not develop to my system’s full potential? Unity Preorder Canceled.
  • WOW! Ubisoft shot themselves in the foot again. How can a sequel be in a lower resolution to is predecessor? Oh we know why.
  • 900p/30fps dont bother me but dont bullshit me,the technical benefits of the PS4 should show in some form.Just like pc version.
  • As you know I *truly* love Xbox, but even me with my deep love of acid green, I’m against dumbing down games on PS4.

Its unfair that a gamer, who consciously decided to buy a PS4 as it boasted superior graphical prowess, would be forced to play on the same resolution and FPS as the XBox One. Not, that I have anything against any console, I am sure that XBox has great potential and will have exciting games on it, but developers have to take advantage of a system’s full potential and not go for parity.

No matter what, the game does still look really great, but that’s never a reason to not try and make it better. Let us know what you think about the whole Parity debate in the comments below.



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