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Dragon Age: Inquisition Introduces “The Keep”

Dragon Age Inquisition
Written by Krussail

Bioware’s latest entry in its epic RPG series, Dragon Age: Inquisition, allows you to mold the story as per your playthrough of the first two games in the series. Done by a unique feature added in the game, Dragon Age Keep, it takes you on an animated questionnaire narrated by Varric Tethras, who once again joins you as a companion.

This comes as a relief to players moving across platforms, where importing a save file would no longer be possible. The Keep will also be a world creation tool prior to starting off with the main quest, and, “Keep will stand as the record of your impact in the world of Thedas–dutifully preserved and accurately represented in future products, limited only by creative aspiration of the game team,” BioWare said.

Let us know if you’re as excited about Dragon Age: Inquisition as we are, and what you think of the Keep!!



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