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Great PS3 Games you might have missed

Written by Krussail

The PS3 boasts a vast library of games, many of them that received mainstream attention, some that did not, and others that did back in their day but are less known to new gamers. And now that we are almost at the end of the PS3 era,its a good time to look back and see if we’ve missed out any good games over the years. So, I’ve decided to list out some of these games that did not receive as much attention or can still hold their own today. Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list, just some good games that still have great graphics (like the Orange Box) and the control scheme is comparable to the general control schemes today (unlike Metal Gear Solid HD Collection).

So, here goes..

1. The Orange Box (2008)

Has there ever been a better collection of games together on one disc. NO!! The Orange Box packs 5 awesome games, Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Ep.1, Half Life 2 Ep.2, Portal and Team Fortress 2. If you are a fan of first person shooters with great story, or puzzle game with platforming elements or even online shooters, this is the game for you. With great shooting and physics, and epic battles and near flawless AI, the Half Life series redefined gaming when it first came out. And the fact that it still looks great makes it easily playable even today.

Portal is a puzzle game unlike anything you might have played, with clever puzzles and witty dialogues, this is one game that’ll have you at times scratching your head and more often laughing out loud. Team Fortress 2 is a online only shooter, with pretty much the standard game modes, but where it truly shines is in the cartoonish visuals and the funny character design which adds so much personality to it.

Play this amazing package of great games,specially the Half Life series, and join hands in prayer for Half Life 3 to be released soon.


2. Valkyria Chronicles (2008)

One look at Valkyria Chronicles an you know its not your regular JRPG. With a unique and beautiful art style, innovative mix of third person shooting and turn based tactical elements, this game is a must play for any fan of Role Playing games, even those who tend to avoid turn based or Japanese RPGs. The game is set in a time of war, with loads of interesting characters on both sides of the conflict, with neither being right or wrong. It adds a level of maturity, and addresses various themes like camaraderie, loss, sacrifice, racism, etc with great finesse.

The entire interface is is the form of a book, or a war journal, and all the story chapters and cut-scenes are in the form of episodes, its all very well executed. Leveling up and choosing squadmates is all a breeze, the game introduces all its elements in a steady pace.

So, if you are new to JRPGs or Turn Based RPGs, this a a great way to ease your way onto the genre.


3. The Elder Scrolls IV-Oblivion (2006)

Now almost every gamer has either played or at least heard of 2012’s biggest game, Skyrim. Well, back in 2006, Oblivion was all the rage, with gorgeous visuals and an open world brimming with lore, people to meet and tons of quests to complete.

Set in the land of Temeria, Oblivion features a compelling main quest, which arguably was one of the weaker points in Skyrim. Though, there are no dragons here yet, but once you set off on your journey, you’ll soon find youself neck deep in vampire hunting, occult worship, assassinations, thievery, and so much more.

This game will easily keep you occupied for hours on end, its full of the epic epicness that Skyrim delivered. The only fault I could find on the PS3 version is that the draw distance is not too good, but that’s only noticeable if you’re really looking to find flaws, when you should be busy finding treasures!


4. Shadow of the Colossus (2005/2011)

Ok, yes, this was a PS2 game which was later remastered for the PS3,but man this is one awesome game that you just have to play. The game sets off without wasting time on much premise, sending you off to kill huge beasts or Colossi in order to save a loved one. But when I say huge, I mean HUGE, the likes of which you have never seen, and they all look impressive. The first time you see one, you would want to spend some time just admiring the damn thing. And they are all unique and require different methods to take down.

You start off with a sword (which also acts as a compass), your bow and your trusty horse, and that’s more or less all you get throughout the game. Add to that your wits, and you’re all set to take on the beasts. The game also does away with any minions or lesser beasts to kill, thus your entire attention is always on the Colossi, and the mechanism works great. This is a fine example of simple gameplay, woven together with great visual design, atmospheric setting, and unique bosses.

You owe it to yourself to have played this amazing classic.


5. Mirror’s Edge (2008)

Developed by DICE, this free running game came with a crisp visual style, a stark white vision of a future where the city’s corrupt and the Runners (an underground network of couriers) are in constant clash. You play the role of a runner, Faith, trying to clear her sister’s name, who has been falsely accused of murder.

The free running elements are gracefully executed, with every jump and slide feeling just right, and the soundtrack compliments your actions with the perfect rhythm to keep you on your toes. The story, while simple enough, does a good job of keeping you engaged, and the city you run across is presented in a unique mix of white, red, yellow and blue. It’s meant to represent totalitarian order and does so efficiently.

Add to that the various trial modes, challenges and leaderboards to rank up in, this game will have you coming back for more even after the single player story ends.


Other honorable mentions..

6. Catherine (2011) – Guy starts cheating on his girlfriend and starts having nightmarish dreams, presented in the form of great platforming puzzles, starts off easy and slowly has you pulling some clever moves. Yes, the core of every healthy relationship!!

7. Far Cry 2 (2008) – One of the best settings in the FarCry series so far, in the African Savannas, rife with diamonds, malaria, drugs and weapons trade, realistic fire effects and a pretty decent story. Must play for any shooter fan.

8. Braid (2008) – A great story, adding a neat twist to the classic ‘gallant hero saves helpless princess’ tale, with puzzles based on changing flow of time. And it quiet a challenge too, requiring some crafty maneuvering and brain racking.

9. Vanquish (2010) – This is another badass game, all about fast action movements which always leaves you begging for more, epic battles, tight weapon handling, over the top story and cliched dialogues. This game should have a multiplayer component, the movement and combat elements are that good.


Alright folks, that’s my list, its based on my experience in gaming, limited as it is. If you liked it or feel that i missed something, do let me know in the comments.



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