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BF4 goes Gold on all Platforms with “2014 Fall Patch”

Battlefield 4
Written by ahawk


The latest patch for Battlefield 4, known as “Fall Patch” is live and available for download.


Fall Patch?


Whatever happened to the version numbers? I guess that the version number of the current patch is like 472 or something like that or I might be wrong as I’m unable to keep track of the no. of patches released for BF4.

But it seems that I was not the only one getting confused with the no. of patches that were released for BF3. So I think they just decided to call it as a “Fall Patch” and go one no one was unable to keep track of the version no. of the patches patches they were releasing.

Don’t get shocked if the future patches were called as Pre-Spring, Spring etc.

Oh wait, are we even going to get a patch in the future as the final DLC is will be released by this year and the next battlefield (called battlefield but not actually battlefield and is like GTA mixed with COD & battlefield) game is due in a few months.




Battlefield has finally gone GOLD! Yay!!


High Frequency Update

Almost a year after launch, it seems that they have finally managed to get a hold of “how the net code actually worked as opposed to how they thought it should work” and implemented the “High Frequency Update” support for all platforms, including the PS3 port (which is obviously the terrible battlefield port till date and I’m pretty sure that all my co-soldiers playing on PS3 would agree with me).

And some wise developer decided to make the “High Frequency Update” setting as a default setting and decided to remove the option to “disable” the high frequency update, so it can’t be turned off now even if you want to which is a good thing.


Reduced the time it takes to display the incoming damage indicator

So now you can actually know that you are getting hit much soon than you would normally do know in BF4. But read the words properly as they say “Reduced” which might mean that it may or may not work in all situations.


BF4 Soldier Movements almost match that of BF3

Soldier movements have been improved to closely match that of Battlefield 3 while still maintaining animation fidelity of Battlefield 4.

I hope this does “not” make bunny hopping possible in BF4 as it was abused by several people in BF3.


Fixed an issue where squads would get bigger than the supported maximum of 5 players

Why can’t they just go back to the BF3 squad system with the ability to make the squad private/public? When you make a squad via the party (so called) system and join a game, there is no option to set the squad privacy to public.

This makes people rage as when some of your friend’s in the party leave the game and you are left with 2 people in the squad, you can’t set the squad to public so that others can join.




Weapon Tweaks and Fixes


Muzzle Brake – Lowered the overall impact of this attach. Both its positives and negatives have been reduced.

Lets nerf mezzle brake a little. But its too OP now. So lets buff it a bit to balance the nerf. Problem solved!!


Heavy Barrel – Lowered the buff it gave to minimum moving spread, and moved some of that bonus into reduced spread increase. The Heavy Barrel should now be a good option for longer range tap firing.

Did I read, “Heavy Barrel should now be a good option for longer range tap firing”?

Isn’t that what heavy barrel is for? So after a year, we can actually use the Heavy barrel for long range tap firing. Thanks to *insert your favorite person name here*.


Trigger Delay – Removed from all revolvers.

Why was it even added in the first place?


Desert Eagle – Bullet velocity and minimum damage reduced.

The desert eagle is a perfect weapon for Counter Strike. It just does not fit in the battlefield.


Rate of Fire – Adjustments have been done to slower rate of fire weapons to make them easier to use at longer ranges vs higher rate of fire weapons.

Isn’t that how it should have been default since release. Oh wait, this article title says that BF4 has gone GOLD. So its alright.


Ammo – Gave more ammo to the weapons that were short a mag compared to their counterparts.

Thanks to *insert your favorite person name here*.


PDW – Improved moving minimum spread.

As if the PDW were not already OP. Some one uses too much PDW in the team that balances weapons.


MBT LAW – This underwent a big change based on community suggestion. You will need to aim slightly more accurately to engage the tracking. It is much harder to have it track a random vehicle between you and your target. It will no longer lock on targets behind cover. It has been slowed down slightly. It now begins tracking at 100m instead of 15, this gives the target slightly longer to react to the lock warning.

I lost it at the 3rd sentence. This sound like the version number of sever patches. Nobody can understand it neither know what they actually do nor how they work.


SLAM – Damage and blast radius reduced slightly. Three Slams will no longer take out a MBT on their own. The disabled MBT will need a single rocket to be finished off.

Only if they could be spotted properly. Sigh!!



Jet Improvements


Did I read “Jet” & “Improvements” in the same line rather than “Jet” & “Nerf”?

Joker - Not Sure If Serious

  • Fixed an issue related to the chase camera that could cause a glitchy orientation when the camera was targeted straight up or down.
  • Added new positions for 3P jet cameras.
  • Added weapon reticle to the 3P jet camera.
  • Added an option to turn on/off the rolling (along with the jet) for jet 3P cameras.
  • Fixed an issue with the SU50 and F35 not properly playing bullet impact sounds when under fire.
  • Jet guns visual recoil has been reduced to 30% of what it was before.
  • Improved the “stall” behavior of jets when reaching max vehicle height.
  • Fixed issues where attack jets’ cockpit geometry was clipping/obstructing the HUD


Added an option to turn on/off the rolling (along with the jet) for jet 3P cameras.


This is the best thing that happened to Jets in BF4.




New Features


  • Reduced head flinching on soldiers.
  • Adjusted the red dot reticles for medium and long range sights for the Engineer Class primary weapons.
  • Visual Recoil: Close range sights (except iron sights, IRNV and FLIR) and all Medium range sights have been changed to no longer be affected by animation AKA Visual Recoil. The removed random effect has nothing to do with real weapon recoil and doesn’t affect it.
  • Vehicle hold or press button for boost option added.
  • Added UI options for tweaking the ADS aiming sensitivity. The advanced options are now exposed in a separate advanced control options section.



  • Added advanced options for adjusting HUD icons.
  • HUD icons transparency support.
  • Aim down the sight (ADS) now causes auto transparency for HUD icons.
  • Added a new option for whether tapping spot button should give attack/defense orders.
  • Adjusted the red dot reticles for medium and long range sights for the Engineer Class primary weapons.
  • Added an advanced gameplay option to change the size of the minimap
  • Added an advanced gameplay option to make the minimap icons auto size along with the minimap scale
  • Added an advanced gameplay option to set the default minimap scale



  • Revive timer has been added. It will show timers on teammates so that the player can choose who to revive.
  • Added a sound when defibrillators are 100% charged (giving the revived player 100% health back).
  • Fix for an issue that could cause the HUD to disappear when the player brought up the game menu while in a revive state.
  • Added initial implementation of revive timers for soldiers in man down state. It will now show timers on a teammate so that the player can choose who to revive.
  • Fix for a bug when you were able to revive teammates by only rubbing the defibrillators.
  • Fix for issue that would sometimes occur when two players on a team equipped defibrillators at the same time next to each other and are about to revive another team player, the player who is reviving gets no score and the other player gets score instead.



DICE <3 RUSH is an ongoing Battlefield 4 Community Test Initiative with the intent to improve Rush on base-game maps. This initial release includes new layouts and rule sets implemented on:

  • Flood Zone
  • Golmud Railway
  • Hainan Resort
  • Lancang Dam
  • Operation Locker
  • Paracel Storm
  • Rogue Transmission
  • Siege of Shanghai
  • Zavod 311


You can read the full release note at battlelog forum.





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