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Sony PlayStation TV to launch in US, mid-October. Should we care?

Written by wishiwerealive

Sony has announced the release date of the PlayStation TV in the US next month. On October 14th, gamers will have access to almost 700 games, including PS1 classics, native Vita games and digital PSP games.

Priced at 99.99USD, it is not expected to fly off the shelves or have avid customers lined up outside stores, but it is apparently a hit in Japan, where it was first launched.


The micro console is also capable of streaming Playstation 3 titles through Playstation Now .With the Remote play option, PS4 owners  get to play on another screen (Xperia Z3 / any TV)  in any other room as long as you are within wifi range.  If you already have a PSVITA, don’t even bother, save that money for November.

Is this just another gimmicky Sony product? Should they be focussing and employing their resources elsewhere? Is Sony only trying to capitalise on the XBOX One’s lack of the remote play feature? Let us know what you think.




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