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How to farm & get Legendary items on Destiny

Written by pupz005

Go to the Russian countryside in Destiny. Head left past the plane graveyard, through the building where you first encountered the moon-wizard, and out the back. Hear that gunfire? A handful of high-level players are probably standing there, shooting at a cave.

Yes, this is the latest technique for farming in Destiny, and it’s by far the most effective I’ve found. Spend an hour or so at the Murder Cave and you’ll get so many engrams that you’ll almost surely get SOMEthing you want. You don’t even have to shoot a single enemy—loot spawns if you’re in the vicinity, so your neighbors’ kills still give you loot.

If you’re lower level, you’ll generate XP very quickly, even if your loot drops aren’t that exciting.Valleywag‘s Sam Biddle hung around the cave with me and Jason last night and went from level 16 to level 18 mostly by sitting around, cracking jokes, and occasionally shooting things.

Watch this video for more detail. Happy farming



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