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If you missed the announcements from Gamescom, here they are!

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The night started off with some high octane ‘inFAMOUS first light’ footage, followed by brand new clips of LBP3, Murasaki baby and The Order 1886.



For the ones who let ‘Journey’, ‘Hustle Kings’ and ‘Unfinished Swan’ slip by on the PS3, you will be glad to know that you can now play them on the PS4. Nothing about the Vita yet.

Bloodborne is an upcoming video game being developed by From Software and published by SCE Japan Studio for the PlayStation 4. It is being directed by Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki

‘Until Dawn’, originally planned for the PS3, is now on PS4. The gameplay clip looked less than impressive. PS Vita’s biggest hit Teraway will now come to the PS4 in a special expanded edition. Nothing about the Vita yet. Dead Nation and Resogun studio Housemarque are back with a sci-fi shooter called ‘Alienation’.


From the creators of Rayman and ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ comes a new title ‘WiLD’



There was also awesome new footage of the most awaited racer ‘Driveclub’.

If you had any doubts at all about spending 4299/- on those Destiny Pre orders, you can be sure now that you will want this game.

Take a look at the new experiences Far Cry 4 has revealed at Gamescom! In Kyrat, you can not only explore beautiful landscapes, with its lush forests and rivers, but also take the trip up into the highest mountain peaks of the Himalayas. The Himalayan missions will push you to extremes as you encounter avalanches, ride snowmobiles and fight for each breath as you live the effects of high altitude. The wingsuit might be your only chance at survival in this place that even the most skilled climbers call the Death Zone.

Kyrat is also a beautiful land deeply rooted in its rich mythology. Transcend into the limitations of your mind and go to a place where legends live: Shangri-Là, a fabled place sought after by mortals in the hopes of finding enlightenment. There you’ll encounter a completely different set of mythical enemies with unexpected and surprising behaviors. With a white tiger as your ally and the Shangri-Là bow as your weapon, explore Kyrat’s past and confront the evil forces that rule within.


As it’s dangerous to face the world of Kyrat by yourself, you might need some backup. With the Keys to Kyrat feature, you can bring in anyone, even if they don’t own the game. Exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, get Far Cry 4 and receive 10 Keys to Kyrat. Invite any of your PSN friends to experience up to two hours of Far Cry 4′s open-world Co-op, to explore Kyrat together and create your own stories.

Heavenly Sword/DMC studio ninja Theroy showed us a glimpse of its brand new action title Hellbalade. Nothing about the Vita yet.

‘Thomas was alone’ creators debuted their new stealth game ‘Volume’ which apparently drew inspiration from Metal Gear Solid II

More games , ‘Hollowpoint’ from Ruffian Games, ‘The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Papers Please, Nom Nom,Galaxy, Snow, In space we brawl, Dreamfall chapters,Pix the cat, Ether one, Q.U.B.E 2.

It was also announced that the 2.0 firmware update will include the much anticipated Share Play feature.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO, SCEE took to the stage to announce that Sony has sold 10 million units since its launch.

Unfortunately, to the utter disappointment of PSVITA owners, there was nothing much to be excited about.

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