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Most Interesting and Binge-Watchable YouTube Channels!

Getting bored sitting at home?

No friends online to play with?

Want to be entertained while sitting on your couch and not having to move while possibly learning some awesome things while you are at it?! This post is for you !



The genres can range from comic videos to music to incredibly interesting educational videos.

So with no further ado, here is my pick of most interesting YouTube artists!


[ENTERTAINMENT] HISHE – How it Should Have Ended ; One of the most popular channels on YouTube. These guys do parodies of alternative and comical endings of recent movies. Incredibly fun to watch. Some videos will leave you in a fit a laughter, like this one!;



[MUSIC+ENTERTAINMENT] KRNFX ; This guy is a hugely talented beat-boxer. Check out this awesome video, where all the sounds you hear are from his mouth !


[ENTERTAINMENT] SCREEN JUNKIES; Honest Trailers : A hilarious take on how popular movies can be summarized and what,as the title suggests, would an honest rendition of their trailers be like!


[ENTERTAINMENT] CINEMA SINS; Watch these videos with a pinch of salt! “No movie is without sins” . Watch the artist talk about and knit pick obvious and unforgivable flaws (along with some you might not even have thought about!) in popular Hollywood movies. You’ll be surprised at all you missed while enjoying or hating on a movie!


[ENTERTAINMENT] Ever wondered who would win if Superman and Goku face off in a fight? Or perhaps if Robocop and The Terminator face off in one? Death Battle is here to put your superhero battle fantasies to the test! By analyzing each character’s weapons, armor, and skills in detail through their various comic/video game/ tv appearances, Death Battle will pit your characters from your favorite comics, games and movies against each other in a fight to the death in a full animated fight!



[MUSIC] Walk Off The Earth ; Super talented Canadian band, which became popular after their cover of “somebody that i used to know” with 5 people playing on one guitar went viral. ; refreshingly original and fun pop music.



[EDUCATIONAL] SciShow ; A really interesting and binge-watchable channel to learn about fascinating things you observe everyday, and some really cool things you might not have thought about but will appreciate after learning a bit about. Want to know the science of aging? the science of hallucinogenic drugs? the science of what the fox says? the science of lying (and how you can detect or be better at it :p ) ? the science of body hair, or perhaps the science of glowing rats? SciShow has you covered. All videos come with links to scientific journals and research that support everything SciShow talks about (just for the non believers). One of my favorite YouTube channels without doubt.





Minute Physics ; This guy uses a white board to explain complex and everyday phenomenon, using witty analogies and clever dialogue. I learned more about physics watching an hour of these videos than I did in my entire high school education. Example :




He also has another channel, called Minute Earth, which is interesting and educational as well, and is about our blue planet, it’s history and its functioning.




[MUSIC] 331erock ; Does awesome metal covers of popular melodies and tunes, you can’t help but start head banging along with his awesome solos and self comps. :




Feel free to post your own interesting YouTube finds, and to tell me what you thought about this article in the comments below.

Happy Watching!



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