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PSN 2.0 #BetterPSN campaign - Support the campaign and let Sony hear our voices!
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Most wanted improvements

The following four suggestions / improvements are the most desired enhancements of PSN. Users have voted on this site and called out those features for quite some time. We really want Sony to listen and enhance their network. We all love Sony and are passionate about our hobby. Let's make this!
  • Online/offline (invisibility) status change Post on twitter Support this suggestion with your voice!
  • Enhanced user profile page showing favorite games, screenshots/recordings, game wishlist, deeper activity sections (game statistics) Post on twitter Support this suggestion with your voice!
  • Continuous trophy syncing Post on twitter Support this suggestion with your voice!
  • The ability to delete stuff (old demos, expired betas, crappy games) from the library Post on twitter Support this suggestion with your voice!

How to help this campaign?

Our goal is to make Sony listen to its customers and improve the PlaystationTM Network. We use the hashtag #BetterPSN on twitter to reach them. (Always remember to stay as polite as possible)
  • Post anything on twitter related to this topic with hashtag #BetterPSN and include @yosp, @amboyes and @toshimasa_aoki in it
  • Post something on twitter using a pre-filled tweet from this page. Just click on the twitter icon, next to the suggestion / improvement to setup a tweet and post it
  • If you like, follow our twitter account @BetterPSN and share the campaign with the world

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I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.

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