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Firefox for Windows 10 planned as Mozilla ramps up browser's release pace
Quote: Mozilla will accelerate the release of new features for its Firefox browser, dumping its current 18-week development schedule for something nimbler, a company manager told contributors last week.

The firm will also deliver a browser for Windows 10, a reversal of a 2014 decision to stop work on a touch-based version of Firefox for Microsoft’s OS.

Firefox for Windows 10

Mozilla’s intent to speed up Firefox’s release schedule was reminiscent of the accelerated tempo Microsoft has pledged for Windows 10 and its bundled Edge browser, which will ship later this month. It wasn’t a complete surprise, then, that Mozilla teased a release of Firefox for Windows 10, saying that the browser, like the one it’s been creating for Apple’s iOS, would ship “soon.”

Read the complete story at http://www.pcworld.com/article/2944863/f...-pace.html
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