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We are looking for content writers!!
We are looking for content writers for our Bad Controller Blog

If you are an avid gamer and like to always stay on top of what’s happening in the gaming world, you might help us keeping the website updated & dazzle it with your talent & mesmerize your reader.

We're looking for someone who loves everything about gaming and has the time and passion. Be the writer you always wanted to be. Have your name flashed across your articles. Share any of your write-ups so we know how awesome you are. It doesn't need to be about gaming. Anything goes.

Please send the admins a PM saying why you would like to be a content writer for the blog. We are a start up organization & for now we won’t be able to pay for your work, but we are really close to achieving the mark.”

If you need any clarifications, please post it in this thread. Thanks.
[Image: mMfcRWN.gif]

I'm just server admin & I have nothing do with other admin stuffs.

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