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Forum software changed to MyBB - Joker - 06-09-2014

Hello Gamers,

The forum software has been changed to MyBB. Big Grin

Reasons for the change
  • MyBB is being developed more actively
  • MyBB has more features
  • MyBB seem to have more mods & plugins

The forum is fully functional but it is missing some features found in the old forum software. All those features will be implemented as soon as possible.

The Trader Feedback System
There is a feedback system for sales/trades that are done via the forums. This helps you safely buy/sell games with genuine buyers & sellers. You can see detailed view the trading feedback of members in their profile page.


New Features
Social Icons - Log into your account and browse to, to add your details.

[Image: a182c4c1_o.png]

Some Stuffs are Lost
We lost some stuff while migrating to the new software
  • All PM's are gone
  • Avatar are gone
  • Signature is messed up

You can re-upload your avatar & fix your signature from the user control panel.

Regarding the PM, if you have some important PM in the old forum, then send me a message and ill manually extract the PM from the old database.

RE: Forum software changed to MyBB - MrGadgetGuy - 06-09-2014

Nice, I'd love to see Twitch.

RE: Forum software changed to MyBB - Joker - 06-09-2014

Thanks for the suggestion. Ill do that soon.